Deep South Maldives – Tiger Shark Tour

Come and join us for a liveaboard dive holiday trip in Deep South MALDIVES !

Package : (05 Nights 06 Days – 16 Dives)

The Tiger Shark Tour!

Deep South Maldives

We invite you to join us on a memorable luxury liveaboard dive holiday trip to the Maldives – One of the best dive site in the world.

Your Liveaboard – MYNA

deep south maldives liveaboard

MYNA liveaboard is built in the traditional Maldivian fashion to provide you with the best possible comforts. It has three decks, and most of the interior adornment and furnishings of the vessel are handcrafted. This luxury cruiser offers contemporary services and facilities for the comfort and wellbeing of the guests. The advantages of safari holiday in the Maldives is that you get to explore numerous islands and reefs, which are set in the abundant and vibrant crystal blue Indian Ocean in a truly relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


The Maldives are well-known the world over for the idyllic, scenic beaches and crystal clear blue waters. Besides this the Maldives have some fabulous coral reefs, and it’s also the abundance of marine life throughout that sets it apart from other dive destinations.

Most dives in the Maldives are drifts from liveaboards where you allow the current to move you along. Due to the myriad channels and passages between the atolls, the currents sweep and play throughout the island chain so that nutrients are always on the move. This accounts for the vast numbers of fish enjoying the passing feast and you can expect to see Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, jacks and sweetlips at every site where the water flows. The larger marine creatures of the Maldives are not seasonal visitors: you can see hammerheads, mantas, whale sharks, reef sharks, turtles all year round.

Water Temperature: 26-30°C

Marine Animal Highlights: Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, jacks and sweetlips, hammerheads, mantas, whale sharks, reef sharks and turtles

Water Visibility: 30m