Military Diving

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Open Circuit Diving Equipment for the Military User – Aqua Lung has a full range of equipment for the open circuit military or professional diver. This range /includes regulators, buoyancy compensators, analog and digital gauges, and all accessories to fit virtually every mission requirement. 

Surface, Tactical, Water Rescue, and SAR Swimmer Equipment – In addition to traditional diving equipment, Aqua Lung has a full line of equipment for the surface, tactical, water rescue, and SAR swimmer. This equipment /includes specialized life vests, masks and fins, boots and gloves, and mission-conf and load bearing harnesses for rebreather usage.

Closed Circuit Diving Equipment for the Military User – Aqua Lung has a full range of closed and semi-closed rebreathers for specific military mission requirements. 

Planet Scuba India is the authorized distributor for Aqua Lung in India.

Ocean Technology Systems is a world renowned leader in the field of underwater communications. The product line covers everything from diver recall systems to state-of-the-art through-water transceivers. OTS equipment has become the benchmark for both Military and Search and Rescue & Recovery teams across the globe.

OTS currently continues to remain strong and strives for new innovations (such as the new Guardian Full-Face Mask) that enhance the diving experience. Although OTS has grown and continues to flourish, they have not lost their small business atmosphere—where the employees are like family and customers are highly valued.

download OTS CatalogueThe roots of all OTS communications gear begin from supplying the U.S. Navy, as well as other government agencies, with underwater communications. OTS gear is designed to meet special operator’s demands and is used by many Special Forces around the world. All systems cannot be shown. Many systems are custom designed—meeting tactical demands specific to the user’s needs.

If you are looking for the finest, field-tested underwater communication system, OTS has the solution to your needs.

Planet Scuba India is the authorized distributor for OTS in India.