Darkwater Vision Technology

darkwater vision logoDarkwater Vision technology can enhance visibility in many environments from dark water to dirty water. Depending on the type of water, orientation and intensity of the lights, Darkwater Vision technology can see anywhere from 1-7 feet. In dark, stained water, visibility can be upwards of 5-7 feet; while in more turbid environments, visibility may only be 2-3 feet.

The limitations are highly dependent upon many factors.  Typically infrared light will have trouble penetrating water with super-saturation and extremely high turbidity levels. Since terminology of water conditions can vary from person to person, we cannot definitively say the types of water in which it will or will not work. We highly recommend having a discussion with us and testing the system yourself to see if it works in your local water. 

Infrared light does not reflect off of suspended particulate in the same manner as white light. Therefore, the reflection of white light (otherwise known as “backscatter”) is nonexistent with Darkwater Vision technology. Instead of being blinded by reflection, the diver can see the suspended particulate.


Divers will be able to see through dark, tannin-stained, and particulate-heavy waters in real time without having to displace water. The Darkwater Vision product line has user friendly and innovative solutions for divers who need to safely and effectively search or work in dark and turbid water conditions. Darkwater Vision systems easily affix to most popular full-face masks and commercial dive helmets. Some practical applications of Darkwater Vision technology include:

Commercial Dive Applications

  • Ship Repair
  • Ship Maintenance
  • Underwater Construction
  • Pipeline Inspection & Repair
  • Underwater Welding

Public Safety Applications

  • Search
  • Wreck Recovery
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • Port/Harbor Safety Inspection

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