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Aqua Lung Scuba Dive Equipment is rated as the world’s best Diving Gear. Aqua Lung’s dedication to quality and innovation has led to the manufacture of the world’s premier scuba diving equipment for professional and recreational use. For over 70 years, Aqua Lung has given divers of all experience levels the means to live out their underwater endeavors. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of coral reefs or getting up close and personal with a wreck, you’ll always feel prepared and in control with Aqua Lung.

Planet Scuba India, the best Scuba Diving equipment supplier in India is a Sole Distributor of Aqua Lung Scuba diving equipment.  Buy your dive Equipment from Aqua Lung with Planet Scuba India at the best competitive prices worldwide.

Apex Diving

Inspired by technical diving and designed for all, the full range of Apeks scuba diving equipment, which now includes regulators, bladders, drysuits, instruments and accessories, has been adopted by technical divers around the world. 

Apeks, by Aqua Lung, is being used to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most advanced dive environments on earth. Because when the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable.


Welcome to Aqua Lung Sport, the premium snorkeling line from Aqua Lung Scuba Dive Equipment, inventor and largest manufacturer of sport diving equipment. From travel-ready, compact sets that pack easily in your suitcase to dry snorkels, masks, powerful fins or underwater cameras, we have what you and your entire family need to enjoy your next aquatic vacation.

Not all snorkeling equipment is created equal. If you want comfortable gear made of high quality materials for underwater exploration with innovative and newest technologies to assist you in discovering the local reef, then Aqua Lung Sport is the right choice for you.

Bauer Compressor

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN filling units optimise reliability and safety for the dependable supply of clean breathing air or compressed air in all areas of application, ensuring consistent compliance with international air quality standards such as DIN EN 12021 (breathing air standard).As the most important tool in the kit, our high-quality units provide protection for our customers’ lives, health and property in each and every situation .

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN offers state-of-the-art complete solutions for the field of sports & safety tailor-made to meet the needs of your application range. From breathing air and nitrox.We certify clean breathing air – the BAUER PureAir certification programme is designed specifically to assist divers in selecting a tested filling station which will deliver clean air.


AL-CAN EXPORTS PVT. LTD.  incorporated in 1991,  today, has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Seamless Aluminum High Pressure Cylinders. The Company with its state-of-the art technologies designs, manufactures and sells Seamless Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cylinders, First in India, as per the ISO 7866, IS 15660 and BS EN 1975 standard.

Specification and Standards: AL-can  follows safety standards and quality. ISO 7866 : 2012 or IS 15660:2006. TUV /approved by petroleum and explosive safety organisation (PESO) Govt of India.

Quality: Al-can cylinders are the best choice for various gases because it maintains excellent quality and gas purity.

Material: High strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Threads: M18/1.5 CLASS 6H, 17E, M24 X 1.5 CLASS 6H, 1.125-12UNF 2B

Markings: Typical marking of cylinders by specification of standard ISO 7866:2012 or IS 15660:2006 and gas cylinder rules, 2004.