Scuba diving in India | Myths vs. Facts

Myths that are preventing people from learning scuba diving in India. From fear of shark attacks to having to travel to international waters. We debunk the top five diving myths.

scuba diving in India


#1: You have to travel to international waters to scuba dive

There are some great sites for scuba diving in India. In fact, for some time now, scuba diving has been available right at your doorstep. For city dwellers, inland dive centers in India are a dream come true. You can complete the theory and confined water sessions of the PADI Open Water Diver Course in your city, over a weekend. (No point being stuck in a classroom on your holiday.) And then head out to the sea to complete your open water dives. Scuba diving in India is available at Goa, Andaman Islands, Lakshadweep, Netrani, Gujarat, Chennai, Pondicherry, Kerala and Kovalam. With new dive centres are opening up in different places across the country.


#2: You need to be an Olympic-level swimmer to scuba dive

You need to have basic swimming skills to learn scuba diving. The PADI Open Water Diver Course needs you to swim 200 meters without stopping. But it’s not a race. There is no time limit. The swim and 10 minutes of floating or treading water is just so that your instructor knows you are comfortable in the water.
Still have apprehensions about scuba diving? Ask your dive center about the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, before you take the plunge.

scuba diving in India

#3: You have to shell out a lot of money for diving gear

While scuba diving is a sport that needs equipment, it doesn’t mean to have to rush out and buy it. Most centers for scuba diving in India and internationally rent out gear. To begin with, you should start with the three basic items: mask, snorkel and fins. Wetsuits are the next on the to-buy list. Start buying gear only once you’re sure you are going to be diving regularly. Besides, renting gear initially will give you a good idea of which brand you should invest in.

scuba diving in India


#4: Snorkeling gives you the same experience as scuba diving

We love snorkeling, especially when there are whale sharks or mantas close to the water’s surface. But nothing compares to the immersive experience that scuba diving gives. Why squint at the colorful reef way down below, when you can strap on your diving gear and descend for a closer look. Besides all that swimming on the surface is bound to tire you out. You can stay down much longer and explore more of the ocean when you scuba dive. Think turtles hiding below overhangs. Pygmy seahorses clinging to soft corals. Moray eels peeking out of reefs.

scuba diving in India

#5: You will get attacked by a shark

The theme song of Jaws hums in the heads of those who have developed a fear of sharks. It is the one of the main reasons why people are apprehensive about scuba diving in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. But as most divers will tell you, sharks are the most amazing creatures to see up close. In fact, you should count your lucky stars if you see one during a dive. Sharks are not in the least bit interested in divers. It’s just Bollywood and Hollywood fantastical blockbusters which have given them a bad rep.

Diving In Our Own Backyard!

The Bangalore Dive Club,in association with Planet Scuba India, presents:
 Diving in Forbidden Waters!
29th Oct 09 (Thursday Evening)
 2nd Nov 09(Monday MorningRs. 18500/- + 10.3% Tax

Netrani is now open for diving!! That’s right, after all the numerous meetings and negotiations; Netrani has opened up her beautiful waters for divers to discover hidden treasures.
Nethrani is a small uninhabited island that makes a perfect setting for an adventure yarn. Nethrani Island is just off Murdeshwar, which is famous for its Shiva temple lies one of best dive sites in this part of the world. The last thing you would expect to see here is the submarine wonderland bustling with everything from Angelfish and Turtles to Barracuda and Moray Eels.

With depths ranging from 6 to 40 meters and visibility from 15 to 30 meters, divers from every level can experience the wonders of life beneath the waves.
The Bangalore Dive Club in association with Planet Scuba India is organizing the best ever dive trip  to Netrani. This is to usher in the new era of diving exploration in the pristine waters there. Come join us in greeting our long lost fish friends and other stunning marine eco system in our own backyard in Karnataka.  
The Nursery
A shallow dive site with a maximum depth of 10 metres. So named because of the profusion of juveniles of many fish species as well as Nudibranchs found here. Ideal for beginners as well as advanced divers who enjoy looking for all things small and wonderful. Great site for macro photography.

Grand Central Stations
High adrenaline action with lots of big fish. Gradual slope going down to 20 metres. This is one place the fish watch you !! Schools of big Surgeonfish, Parrotfish, Red Snappers, Batfish, Barracudas, Rabbitfish and many more come cruising by to check YOU out !!

The Abyss
Dropping down to 35 metres, this dive site is an ideal one for deep dive fanatics. Large schools of Barracuda, Tuna and cruising pelagic are often sighted. The gravel bottom has a gradual slope heading towards the island where we complete our safety stop in Dini’s Delight.

Dini’s Delight
Shallow dive with a maximum depth of 8 metres. Gigantic coral head are home to an incredible variety of fishlife. Good for beginners and photographers alike, this is a good spot to see lobster, moray eel and several species of angelfish and surgeonfish not commonly found in these waters.

Cul de Sac
With sheer walls on either side, this dive site is a pretty and gentle dive where one “goes with the flow” !! A gentle surge takes you into a cul de sac teaming with tiny reef fishes. The bottom is made up of sea grass where many species of Goby share their home with the housekeeping shrimp!.

  • Aladin’s Cave
    Reported to be the mouth of a tunnel which travels into the core of the island!
    This trip is for Open Water Students as well as for certified divers with some experience under their belt or those willing to move ahead with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. Whatever you are, a new world of adventure and discovery awaits you under water. 

    Essential Information
    Rs.  18500/- + 10.3% Tax
    Who can go?
    Open Water Students or certified divers or  all those who want to complete Advanced Open Water course during this trip and  over 18 years of age.
    What is included?
    ·    Transportation Bangalore – Murudeshwar and back by A/C chartered Bus ·    Twin  sharing  Non A/C Standard Accommodation .
    ·    8  Dives including night dives (depends on whether condition)
    ·    Boat Transfer – Murudeshwar – Netrani and Back
    ·    Equipment availability on first cum first basis
    What is not included?
    Transport from House to our Office & Back 
    Dive Insurance coverage.
    Food, Alcoholic, soft drinks
    Any Item which is not included in the included list
    Courses available on the trip!
     Advanced Open Water Diver Course –  Fee Rs. 16500/- + Tax 10.3% 
    ·Day 1 & 2 (Thursday 29th Oct  2009 &  Friday 30th Oct 2009) 
     ·6 pm meet and board the A/C Chartered Coach or Private Bus heading to MurudeshwarFriday  30th of October
    ·6am arrive in Murudeshwar and check into RNS Yatrinivas Hotel and freshen up, catch a few more winks, fuel up with breakfast and double check your gear
    ·7 / 8am load up and leave for the boat
    ·7.30  / 8:30am boat loaded and ready to set sail
    ·By 9 or  10am reach Nethrani Island, check the conditions and choose from 1 of  6 fabulous dive sites
    ·Dive deep into the Blue and feel the stress of city life fade away
    ·7:30pm early dinner, stories of the deep, such great company that you will find it hard to pull yourself away to get a good night’s sleep and charge up for the next day
    ·Day 3 & 4 (Saturday 31st  Oct  2009 & Sunday 1st Nov 2009) 
    ·7am breakfast and ready to leave by 8
    ·8:30am on the boat and following the same routine as yesterday for these two days
    ·4pm back on the main land with another 8 dive day racked up in your log book
    ·5pm all packed up, checked out and ready to head back to the grind at home in Bangalore
    Important Guidelines for booking:
    §Fare is subject to change according to your booking dates later than 10th Oct 2009
    §No refunds for cancellation.
    §Schedule Date and timings subject to change
    §The Bangalore Dive Club and Planet Scuba India reserves all rights to change details subject to demand and availability and  they will not be responsible  for sudden changes in the whether.
    PHONE NO. 080-41573939, 25213366,

Scuba Diving – The Ultimate Adventure Sport!

Most sports are played with national pride at stake, and few others are played with a competitive streak. But there are certain sports that border on a particular way of living and are niche to adrenaline junkies. Scuba diving is one of them.

The thrill of adventure and the rush of blood while taking that first dive into the deep blue waters are fantastic catalysts for most people who love adventure. Scuba diving is popular all over the world and in India, it is now picking up pace mainly due to the efforts of Planet Scuba India. The country’s first inland scuba diving school, based out of Bangalore, is aiming at making scuba diving one of the premier leisure activities for Bangaloreans, without the hassle of travelling to the diving hot spots across the country.

Very few adventure sport in the world matches up to scuba diving in terms of fascination, and most people in the world would like to try it out, given a chance. The chance is here. The time is now.

Leisure and adventure are two faces of the same coin, when it comes to sports like scuba diving. Once underwater, the diver can experience the beauty of the marine life in near weightlessness, and that feeling is incomparable. It has become a way of living for many people across the world and Indians are taking to the sport like a fish takes to water, all puns intended.

So, give the adrenaline junkie inside you a chance to take you through an exhilarating experience. Anyone can dive at Planet Scuba India!