Catherine Zeta-Jones refuses to join her husband Michael Douglas on scuba-diving trips – because she’s terrified of what could be lurking under the sea.

The Hollywood couple and their two children lived in tropical Bermuda for many years but recently relocated to New York so the Welsh actress could star in Broadway show A Little Night Music.

Douglas is a certified scuba-diver after spending so much time in the ocean around the paradise island – but his wife has never joined him on a trip. She tells Britain’s OK! magazine, “Michael just got re-certified as a scuba diver which is really brave. Not me! He’s been begging me for ages to try it but I just know if I see anything I don’t like, that mouthpiece is coming out, I’m going up quick. I’m going to get the bends, sick for the rest of my life.” (CL/DSD/LR)