Family Scuba Diving Holidays

Over the years Planet Scuba India has been introducing Bangaloreans to the world of Scuba diving and opening up a whole new idea of holidaying, we have seen quite a few families taking the plunge together, couples, father and son duos, father and daughter duos and something even all members of the family. One  family who completed the PADI Open Water Course with us recently were the Kapadia family. Father of 2 lovely daughters, Shaunak Kapadia decided there is no more of leaving family members behind and together with wife Kuntal Kapadia, daughters: Raina Kapadia & Malika Kapadia joined the every growing scuba diving community by successfully being certified as PADI Open Water Divers. 


7 Reasons Why Your Next Family Holiday Should Be a Scuba Diving Holiday

Are you trying to decide where to go and what to do on your next family holiday? Trying to balance out the wants and needs of everyone in your group? Why not try something new and exciting which will bring you together AND give you a choice of incredible destinations? Find out here why learning to dive and taking the plunge together might just be exactly what you are looking for…

Get Active – Together!

You may be ready for a holiday and in need of some rest and relaxation but your kids are probably hoping to do more than just lounge by the pool. Scuba diving is a great way to be active but it’s also incredibly relaxing. You’ll immerse yourself in to a whole new world which will completely distract you from the hassles and stresses of working life – there is no better way to relax than watching fish swim by. Learning to dive will help you relax and keep the kids active at the same time!

Create memories that will last a lifetime

What was your most memorable family holiday? Did it involve a special activity or special place? Your kids will never forget a family diving trip. Not only will you be the coolest parents in town but you’ll be exploring the oceans together and creating life long memories.

Learn more about each other

Scuba programs can be very revealing! Most parents don’t see their children when they are studying at school – you’ll get to see another side to your kids. Not only that but when learning to dive everyone is on a level playing field. You’ll stop being Mum and Dad for a short time and you’ll be students together.

Achieve something Great!

The PADI Open Water certification is a lifelong certification. Completing your Open Water Course is a huge achievement and there’s no better way to accomplish this than together with family. You’ll finish your programs feeling a sense of success and achievement.

Teach Responsibility

Scuba diving requires divers to diligently check their equipment before diving and during dives there are also procedures to follow. Through learning to dive your kids will develop skills including not only being responsible for themselves but also team (“buddy”) responsibility too. These skills are transferable to everyday life and they’ll be learning them in a fun and practical way.

Encourage Team work

Divers always dive with a “buddy” and during your course you’ll learn how important it is to work as a unit together. You’ll be amazed to see how siblings that are prone to squabbling at home suddenly become supportive, encouraging and start to enjoy working together.

Discover a whole new world

Of course, the main reason we dive is to explore and you’ll be doing this together on your family holiday. It doesn’t end there though – with your diving certifications under your belts you’ll be able to explore and discover unlimited places together in the years to come. The world really will be your (and your family’s) oyster!

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